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Cannalope Haze is a Hybrid strain that’s almost a pure Sativa.Buy Cannalope Haze Marijuana Online. With a tiny bit of Indica kicking around for good measure. However, As its name indicates, it’s descended from Original Haze, combined with a Mexican landrace. So, the high it produces is typical Sativa: buzzing, uplifting, focusing, and creative. This cannabis also gives enthusiasts a healthy appetite and has a refreshing tropical flavor.

Lab Tested Results:

THC: 17%

CBD: 0.2%

Cannalope Haze Marijuana Experience

Born of Haze, as well as a Mexican landrace, this is a Hybrid cannabis almost in name only. It’s only got a bit of Indica backing it up. Given its primarily Sativa status, this weed is big on the mental effects and short on the physical high.

It tests at anywhere between 12-20% THC, a level which means that novices can approach this marijuana with caution, and experts can take it with enthusiasm.

However, Enthusiasts will notice a fast-acting mental high, which is instantly uplifting and focusing. It’s a buzzy effect that zones you in, leading to pleasantly obsessive trains of thought, and a desire to get up and do stuff.

It’s the kind of marijuana that almost feels like caffeine or other stimulants, so much so that a few consumers compare it to Ritalin, although that’s surely not to be taken as strict medical advice. Along with all the cerebral power, there’s a very, very slight body buzz to this weed that’s match with a surprisingly strong boost in appetite.

Medical Benefits of Buy Cannalope Haze Marijuana Online

This predominantly Sativa-leaning Hybrid makes for an attractive daytime strain.Medical marijuana patients who still want some Indica effects while remaining active might want to look into this one.

Provides a sociable sense of uplift which might be useful for patients dealing with mild to moderate depression
However, Hunger-boosting effects of this cannabis could come in handy for patients with appetite-disrupting disorders of all kinds
Focusing powers make it potentially helpful for patients who have trouble with attention for various reasons


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